Our Experience


Since our founding in 1978, TN Construction has designed and built facilities from 750 square feet to over 200,000 square feet for many kinds of businesses: distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, automobile dealerships, office buildings, banks, churches, retail shops, recreational buildings, and industrial buildings. We're also thoroughly experienced in projects other than new construction, such as building renovations, additions and re-roofing. Becuase of our involvement in so many types of construction, we've become particularly familiar with soil conditions, site availabilities and building methods best suited for the update. In short, our experience has taught us how to do the best job in less time, and at the most economical cost.


Our Assurance

Our goal is to serve you with integrity, quality workmanship and service while giving you the best possible value for your investment. You buy much more than a building when you buy from us. You buy quality construction. We believe that there's only one way to build - the right way. A quality building is one that the owner and builder are equally proud of. You buy quality people. Your building is only as good as the people that built it for you. Our employees are the best construction professionals in the area. Their special skills, talents and years of experience are carefully matched to the requirements of each project. You buy quality construction systems. As an authorized Butler builder, we can offer you building systems that allow us to complete your work on time and on budget with significant energy savings. You buy peace of mind. A building is one of your most significant expenditures. Because we are a well established local firm, you can rest assured that once we've built for you, we will be here to assist with any unexpected problems and, of course, build for you again.