Our Capabilities


Today we can handle every phase of your project: real estate availability, rights-of-way, soil testing, permits, clearing, excavation, landscaping and assist in getting the financing if necessary. And because we can handle your building's design as well as its construction, TN can "fast track" the project and shave weeks off the time normally needed to complete a project. One company for all jobs. That means one source of responsibility from beginning to end. TN also offers great flexibility in choosing the right kind of building. Like other contractors, we can build using the conventional materials like masonry, wood, steel, stone, concrete, glass and aluminum. But, unlike the others, we can also give you the advantages of Butler Pre-Engineered roof, wall and structural systems. Butler systems offer virtually unlimited design capabilities while delivering exceptional energy efficiency and structural integrity - at a very economical cost. Butler products offer sustainable design which includes recycled steel content, low-VOC paints, Energy Star compliance, as well as, many other eco-friendly benefits.